Executive Director

Blake Bowman (Buckwheat)

Blake was on the counseling staff for many years and returned in 2007 to join the current staff. After serving as Evening camp Director for several years, he moved into the Executive Director position in 2014. You can reach him at blake @ campthurman.org

Teambuilding/Challenge Adventure Coordinator

Cindy Hatchell (Hummer)

Cindy has been a part of the Leadership Team since 2000 and works as the Challenge Adventure Coordinator to provide teambuilding programs for schools, sport teams, corporate groups, and community groups. During the summer, she also serves as the CIT Coordinator and oversees the CIT-IT program. You can reach her at cindy @ campthurman.org


Outreach Services Coordinator and Staff Coordinator

Mary Hibbs (Yippee)

Mary joined the Leadership Team in 2008 to serve as the Outreach Services Coordinator. She also works with the staff of the Challenge Adventure Program and the summer camps. You can reach her at mary @ campthurman.org

Lead Registrar

Glenda Keilstrup (Dipper)

Glenda has been a part of the Leadership Team at CT since 1997. She has served in many roles during her time with CT and currently serves as the lead of our Registration Team. You can reach her at glenda @ campthurman.org

Human Resource Manager and Special Camps Coordinator

Courtney Boliver (Pearl)

Courtney has served on the Leadership Team since 2011, after starting as a Counselor in 2007. She serves as the HR Manager and coordinates the special camps at CT, including the afternoon/night camps, Uncle Bill’s Kids Club, and GetAway camp. You can reach her at courtney @ campthurman.org

CCM/Operations and Facilities Manager

Bart Bowman (Tarzan)

Bart is the Challenge Course Manager and Operations and Facilities Manager here at camp. He has been a part of the CT staff most of his life and has filled the roles of Assistant, Counselor, Skits Supervisor, Staff Supervisor, and Challenge Adventure Facilitator.  He joined the Leadership Team in 2012. You can reach him at bart @ campthurman.org

Financial Coordinator and Office Manager

Haley Walker (Trailmix)

Haley has been with CT since 2007 and joined the Leadership Team in 2014. She currently serves in the role of Financial Coordinator and Office Manager. You can reach her at haley @ campthurman.org

Assistant Registrar

Vicki Stephan (Coral)

Assistant Registrar

Kristin Kimmell (Bambi)

Assistant Registrar/Office Assistant

Amber Pointer (Boots)

Director of Media – Webmaster

Jason Hinrichs (Siberia)

Merchandise Manager/Night Camp Programmer

Matt Vance (Machado)