We are incredibly Happy to roll out our new Website today for the start of Registration and the beginning of what feels like a new year of Camp.  Registration really kicks off our camp year and so we wanted to make 2015 special.

We have done our best to make sure the process of registration is as smooth as possible, we also wanted to make sure navigating the site was smooth and intuitive.


Some of our Improvements are and will be:

  • An ONLINE STORE is coming soon! You will soon be able to order Amazing Camp Thurman Merchandise including T-shirts, Accessories, and Apparel

  • Responsive Site – Everything is ready for mobile, tablet, phablet, kindle, big, little, UltraHD and everything in between.

  • As we expand, sections of our site will have their own unique look to fit the theme of the program.


We hope you like the new look of our Website.  We’d love to hear from you about the new look whether that be praise, questions, or concern.  Feel free to email [email protected]