Parents, Guardians and Campers:

We are monitoring the weather conditions very closely! At Camp Thurman safety is our highest priority!

In the case of a rainy day, camp will resume as usual.  Campers schedules will not be impacted by rain.  In the case of more severe weather such as lightning or thunder, all of our ropes activities and swimming pools will be closed until the all clear has been given to resume normal activities.

Campers will continue their day on rainy day schedules that are packed full of games, skits and silly songs under our shelters.  This makes for a fun and unique day at CT.  In the event of anything more severe than a thunderstorm, campers will be moved to our covered storm shelters.  Our primary goal is to make sure that your campers are always safe!

Our desire is to allow the camp day to continue as long as it is possible and safe. In the event that conditions deteriorate to the point that the camp property is no longer safe we will post information on our Facebook page and website.  Please check them regularly for updates.

**Please note, if parents/guardians/carpools begin picking up campers early on their own without notice from the CT staff it will seriously impact our ability to bring campers to you in a timely basis. Our staff is assigned to be with your children and there is no crew available to go and get campers a handful at a time during a regular/rainy day schedule.