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Reporting A Sick/Injured Camper

This report is only a communication for documentation.
We cannot guarantee that we will be able to reschedule or credit you in any way.
Please fill in the following:
Camper Name: (Please enter the complete name.)*
Address: *
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Parent Name: (Please enter the complete name of the account holder.)*
My camper has been injured or is sick. The doctor has advised that they will be unable to participate in camp activities during their scheduled week.
Please explain the injury or sickness:
The doctor has indicated that my camper will be ready to participate and our family's schedule would allow a transfer to any of the following weeks
(The more weeks you give us as a choice, the better the cahance that we will be able to reschedule.)
My camper missed two or more days during their camp week due to illness or injury.
Please list the Week # and dates missed:
If possible, I would like for them to make up the days during the following weeks.
(The more weeks you give us as a choice, the better the chance that we might be able to schedule a make up. However, the only time we are able to make up days would be if we have an empty place in a group in a later week, which does not happen very often.)
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