Counselor/Assistant Counselor – Application Instructions

Instructions for Counselor and Assistant Counselor Applicants

Camp Thurman 2015

You may no longer begin a staff application.
If you have begun, but not yet completed, an application,
you may finish it by going to your staff dashboard with the link given you in your email.

There are four steps to apply for a staff position.

Please read all of this carefully.

1) Training Schedule:

Print off the training schedule (click here) so that you’ll know what will be required of you before you submit an application. As you look at the dates, be sure to check your online school calendar to make sure you have no conflicts.

2) Social Media Connections:

As with most organizations, both secular and faith-based, part of our hiring process requires that you provide full access to your public social media pages. Public social media is a powerful and important way to stay connected and represent yourself.  Please be sure that your On your application you will need to list your login name for any social media pages you participate in, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you participate in Facebook, you will need to submit a request to be a friend with CT Staff Facebook page. Please be sure to submit your request before you begin your application, and indicate “CT Applicant” in the notes of your request.

3) Online Application:

The online application consists of a Basic Application and 4 required forms. To be considered for hiring you must have completed all of the following forms: Medical Form, Written Interview, Availability to Work, and Training. You will be asked to list your camp nickname. If you do not already have one, please read the Camp Nicknames page on this website before you make your choice. Reference section of the Basic Application: Read through the questions for the Reference section of the Basic Application before you begin to enter information, and do NOT submit the Reference Section more than once, as each time it is submitted an automatic request for a recommendation is sent to your Youth Leader.

4) In-Person Interview/Staff Social:

If you are new to CT as a staff applicant or you are a returning staff member moving up from CIT to Assistant Counselor, then you are required to be interviewed. If you are a returning Assistant Counselor or Counselor, then you must attend the Staff Social to reconnect and turn in all required paperwork.

Click here to begin the Online Staff Application

If you have problems with your application, please send an email to