Decline a Waitlist Placement

Please read the policies below about declining a waitlist placement before you submit your request.
If you would like to decline your camper’s placement into a confirmed week from a waitlist please fill in the following:

Week Numbers/Dates for the 2016 CT camps:

0 = May 30-June 5 (Uncle Bill’s)
1 = June 6-10 (Week 1 Reg Day Camp and Afternoon Explosion Camp 1)
2 = June 13-17 (Week 2 Reg Day Camp and ETC Camp 2)
3 = June 20-24 (Week 3 Reg Day Camp, Breakout Camp 3) and June 18-23 (CIT-IT Away Camp)
4 = June 27-July 1 (Week 4 Reg Day Camp and ETC Camp 4)
5 = July 4-8 (Week 5 Reg Day Camp and Breakout Camp 5)
6 = July 11-15 (Week 6 Reg Day Camp and Afternoon Explosion Camp 6)
7 = July 18-22 (Week 7 Reg Day Camp and GetAway Camp [July 17-23])
8 = July 25-29 (Week 8 Reg Day Camp and Breakout Camp 8)
9 = Aug 1-5 (Week 9 Reg Day Camp and ETC Camp 9)
10 = Aug 8-12 (Week 10 Reg Day Camp)

WAITLIST Cancellation Policies

Moved in from Waitlist:  If you have been placed from a wait list, and you are canceling the newly confirmed registration within 2 days of being informed of the placement, there is a $10 cancellation fee.  If you are canceling between 3 and 7 days there is a $25 cancellation fee.  Any decline of waitlist placement must be made within 7 days or you are subject to the same cancellation penalty as any other confirmed registration.  That means unless we are able to replace your camper with someone else on the wait list, you will receive no refund if it is less than two weeks before the actual camp date.