Family Treasure Day

When will it be?

Our Family Treasure Day will be on Saturday, Oct 8th from 10am to 3pm.

What will be open?

Our Family Treasure Day is a way for you and your family to come out and enjoy all the fun of camp.  Many activities will be open for you to enjoy at your own pace. Activities will include:
  • Zipline
  • K-Klimb
  • Jordan Gully

It will be a great way to see a glimpse of what to expect next year or to enjoy some of the activities your children experienced during the summer. There are no pools open so swimwear is not necessary.

How much will it cost?

The cost is $10 a person to be paid at camp when you check in.

What’s do we do for lunch?

If you are here at lunch time, we will be selling Pizza lunches which include chips, a cookie, and a drink.  Price TBA.


Our Family Waiver needed for Participation can be found HERE