Questions After Registration
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I would like to change weeks, how do I let you know?
As long as the week you are wanting to change to has availability, you may change weeks for your camper. Request for Change of Weeks must be made online with our Change of Weeks form. No changes will be made by phone, email, or notes. There is a $6 fee to make that change on the first request. Any subsequent changes would incur a $10 fee.
I need to cancel a week. How do I do that?
A request for Cancellation must be made at least two weeks before your camp date, through our Cancel A Week form ONLY.
No cancellations will be made by phone, email, or notes. Any of those methods can result in miscommunication or lost requests. When you submit this form, your request is automatically connected to our database, and we have an accurate, permanent record of your request.
A 50% refund is available if you cancel at least two weeks before your session date. 
 If the week you are cancelling has a waitlist, and we are able to replace your camper with someone from the waitlist, you will receive a full refund less a $25 cancellation fee.

No refunds will be made for cancellations in the last two weeks before your session date.
How much money do I need to send with my child?
Please do NOT send money with your camper. Our years of experience have shown us that campers and money do not mix. They tend to lose or misplace it and get very upset when they do. That's why we designed the pre-pay deposits for the snack shop. If you want your child to have money to spend there, you can deposit snack money when you register or later through your MyCampThurmanAccount. If there is no option there to add snack money that means that your child's camp has snacks included in the registration fee.
Where and when does my child get the T-shirt I prepaid for?
Prepaying for a T-shirt gives you a small discount and helps us to know how many shirts to order so that we'll have enough shirts for all who want one. You may pick up your camper's shirt at Open House or any time the camp is in session. We do not pass out shirts to campers.
If you register by May 1st, we will send you an email asking that you look at the online selection of shirts and fill in the form to select one in the style and size you want for your child. Then we will pull that particular shirt for you and have it packaged and ready to pick up during the two weeks before regular camp begins. Open House is the last time you may pick up a pre-selected shirt. After that it will go back into regular stock and you will need to use the traditional t-shirt pickup process.. If you do not submit the T-Shirt Selection Form, we cannot pull a particular shirt for you and we do advise that you pick up your shirt early in the summer season to have the best choice of styles/sizes, as we cannot guarantee that all sizes/styles will still be available when your camp week begins.

If you choose to have your T-Shirt mailed, you will receive an email a few weeks before Open House asking you to go online and pick a style and size. We will have that shirt packaged and mailed to you before camp begins. If you select this option and you do not respond to the email to select your style and size, you will lose the $2 paid for mailing and you will need to go through the regular t-shirt line to pick your shirt from those still available.
If my child gets sick or hurt before camp begins, or during camp and will not return, what do I do?
In the event that your camper is injured in some way that would prevent them from participating in camp activities, or if they get sick before the campdate and the doctor says they will not be well enough to participate, please let us know by using the My Camper is Sick or Hurt form to let us know. Or if your child gets sick or hurt during his camp week and is unable to return, you also need to submit that form so that we can record the missed days on his record.Once we have received that, we will try to accommodate you by rescheduling their camp date if possible. If we are unable to reschedule, we will contact you to discuss other possibilities.
If your camper gets sick during the camp week, we do not make up sick days unless your child is out more than one day. In that event, we will do our best to make the days up later in the summer, but we cannot guarantee that we will have a group available which would fit your camper's requirements.
How do I find out who my child's counselor is?
You should receive a call from your counselor the week before your camp date. The counselors will send an email on Wednesday and then begin their calls on Thursday. If they get an answering machine when they make their first call, they will leave you a message with their name and then try again on Friday to reach you. If for some reason you haven't received a call or a message by Friday morning, please call the camp at 817-274-8441 or send an email to and we'll let you know who your counselor is. If you arrive the first day of camp and you still do not know who your counselor is, please check at the table just outside the office door.
When does the camp day start; when does it end?
Full-day camp starts at 9:00 and ends at 4:00 each day. Sunshine kids come at 9:00 also, but their day ends at 1:15.
What is the EARLIEST I can bring my child to camp each day?
Our gates open on Monday morning at 8:30. On the rest of the week, they open at 8:40. Please be kind to our neighbors and do not come earlier so that the cars line up outside our gates and block their driveways.
What time should I pick my child up AT THE END OF THE CAMP DAY?
Sunshine Camp ends at 1:15PM. Please pick your child up between 1:15 and 1:25PM. Uncle Bill's ends at 12:30. Please pick your camper up between 12:30 and 12:40PM. The full-day camp day ends officially at 4:00 PM, with groups beginning to arrive up front for pickup at 3:45. Please do not begin to line up outside our gates before 3:45. If you do, and the line begins to block local traffic, the police will insist that we open our gates to let you in. When we have to do so, then the 3 activities that are taking place in the area up front have to stop so that you can pull in. Please don't make our campers end their activities early just so you can line up early!
Final pickup time is 4:10. If in an emergency you realize you will not be on time, please call the office to explain, so that your children will not be worried.
What if I need to pick my child up BEFORE the end of the day?
If you need to pick up your camper before the end of the camp day, please let both your counselor and the office know, and we will do our best to have them up front at the time you need them; however, we do not do early pickups during the last activity period of the day, so please arrange to get them before 2:35. Our gates close at 2:35 in preparation for the afternoon pickup time.
Do you offer before- or after-camp childcare?
No, we have no staff to offer that service. All of our staff is actively involved in setup, prep time, or clean up before and after camp.
What does my child need to wear to camp?
We ask that our campers wear sturdy outdoor clothes, some that will be okay to get dirty in. Our girls generally wear their swimsuit with shorts and a shirt over it. The boys wear their swimsuit with a T-shirt. Shoes should not be new. They need to have closed toes for safety in climbing and walking in wooded areas. Shoes that can be worn without socks are preferable, but that is your choice. PLEASE put your child's name on everything they wear or bring!
Are there swimsuit requirements?
All girls are asked to wear modest swimsuits. Girl campers who have finished 5th grade or above are required to wear a modest one piece suit or a tankini with no more than one inch separation. In fact, tankinis are good choices for all the girls, especially at restroom time.
Does my child need to bring a lunch?
Yes, please pack the lunch in something insulated, to keep the food cool on hot summer days. An insulated backpack or an insulated lunch kit works well. Also, please send water. We do have water fountains and water stations scattered around the camp, but it always helps for the campers to have their own water readily available.
Do you have lunches available to buy?
No, our snack shop has granola bars, chips and drinks that they could use in an emergency, but nothing more substantial than that.
What does my child need to bring to camp?
We suggest a backpack for towels, lunches, goggles (if they wear them in the water). Other than that, they do not need to bring anything else.
Is there anything she shouldn't bring?
Yes, we ask that campers not bring money, cell phones, anything in the way of toys, video games, etc. .
What do I do with medicine my child needs to take during the day?
All medicine needs to be marked with your child's name and be in the original packaging with dosages on the package. Please give this medicine to the first-aid staff member, who will be at a table just outside our office door on Monday mornings. Do not put medicine in your child's backpack or give medicine to the counselor. The only exception to that would be an epipen or inhaler. Campers may keep epipens or inhalers with them or you may ask the counselor to keep those items if necessary.