Questions About Our Programs and Activities

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Our group is interested in coming to Camp Thurman for a party or celebration. Is the camp available for that?
The campsite is not available for parties or celebrations. We do have events for groups through our Challenge Adventure team building program, and it is possible to set a special Treasure Day for your group. Please send an email to our Community Outreach Director Mary Hibbs for more information.
Do you have programs for families who have children with special needs?
We do not have staff who are trained to work with children with special needs. However, if we can meet the needs of your special needs camper with patience and love, they may be able to attend our regular day camps. If you are interested, please register them through the normal channels and indicate on their registration form that they have special needs. Our special needs coordinator will contact you and make a decision with you whether to give it a try. Our Challenge Adventure program also can set up a unique day for special needs groups.
Are there times when parents can come do activities with their children?
Absolutely! Each year in October, we offer a Family Treasure Day, giving our camp families a chance to share Camp Thurman activities together. You can read more about this special day here.
Also, don't miss our CT Adventure Trips! We have special programs for parents and kids to share in exciting adventures away from Camp Thurman.
AND there is also the Dad/Daughter Day at Camp Thurman in the spring.
I've heard you have excellent team building programs. How do I find out about them?
Our Challenge Adventure team building program offers a chance for teams and groups to reach a new level of communication and grow in relationships. Participants have the chance to support and encourage one another in testing personal limits and healthy risk-taking. All programs are personally designed to meet the needs and desires of your particular group. Check out our Challenge Adventure section to read about the different packages available. For more information about how your group can participant please send an email to Cindy Hatchell, Challenge Adventure Director.