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Below are the links to viewing information on your camper’s week here at Camp Thurman!

Problems with Login

Your Email ID is the email address you listed as you registered online or on your registration form. If you don’t know which one you listed, or you don’t know your password, please send an email with the subject Password Reset and the name of one of your campers to [email protected].

You can also text 817-614-3059 or call 817-274-8441 during normal business hours.

What if I want to pick up their T-Shirt or make a snack deposit?

In the morning or the afternoon, you’ll need to park to come to the office area to pick up or purchase shirts or make snack deposits. On Monday mornings, please go to the snack shop by Broomtree (just behind the bleachers) to make snack deposits, and T-Shirts which have been pre-purchased may be picked up at the new Bambi’s Trading Post just south of the camp office, behind the gazebo. If you have not already picked up your t-shirts, they may be picked up or purchased at the trading post.

I want to pick my child up early or bring him late. What do I need to do?

Each day at 9:00AM the counselor and his group of campers leave the front area and go to their tent site. If you arrive after that time, you will need to bring your camper to the office so that we can check them in and then take them to their group.



If you want to pick your child up early, please use our Early Pickup Request form here on the website under the Contact Us tab. In addition you need to let both your counselor and the office know the time you will be coming to pick them up. We will do our best to have them in the office for you to check them out at the time you need them. However, the groups operate on a loose schedule, and it sometimes takes awhile before we can locate them.

The office will try to remind the counselor so that you do not have to wait very long, but the counselor is concentrating on leading the campers through their activities, and they are not aware of the exact time of the day, so please be patient. It helps if you arrive about 15 or 20 minutes before you need to leave the campground to make it to your appointment. We do not do early pickups after 2:30, so please make sure your early pickup is before that time. Our gates close at 2:30 in preparation for the afternoon traffic.

What do I do with medicine my child needs to take during the day?

All medicine needs to be marked with your child’s name and be in the original packaging with dosages on the package. Please give to the nurse, who will be in the Nurse’s cabin next to the Broomtree or Snack Shack area close to the front of the grounds. Do not put medicine in your child’s backpack or give medicine to the counselor. The only exception to that would be an epipen or inhaler. Campers may keep epipens or inhalers with them or you may ask the counselor to keep those items if necessary.

Where and when does my child get the T-shirt I prepaid for?

If you have not already picked up your prepaid tshirt or you want to purchase a tshirt, you may come any weekday that camp is open.  During camp weeks, you may pick up shirts up on your camp week Monday morning.  If it is not your camp week, please come between 9:45 and 2:30 to miss the drop-off/pick-up traffic times.

We do not automatically give the shirts to the campers. Parents must pick them up.

What are your cancellation policies?


A 50% refund is available if you cancel at least two weeks before your session date. 
 If it is at least two weeks before the session date, and we are able to replace your camper with someone from the waitlist, you will receive a full refund, less a $25 cancellation fee.

No refunds will be made for Cancellations or Change of Weeks in the last two weeks before your session date.  If the staff has time to research and is successful in finding a replacement for your camper after a Cancellation or Change of Weeks request during the last two weeks, the cancellation/change fee for either will be $50.


If you submit a CHANGE of WEEKS request at least two weeks before your camp session, as long as the week you are wanting to change to has availability, you may change weeks for your camper. Request for changing weeks must be made through your Parent Dashboard FORMS page.  You will find a Change a Week request form in the list of forms.
No changes will be made by phone, email, or notes. There is a $5 fee to make that change on the first request. Any subsequent changes would incur a $10 fee.

A Change of Weeks request in the last two weeks before your session date is treated like a Cancellation and the fees will not be transferred to the new week.  If there is availability in the week you want to change to, you will need to pay the camp fees again.  If the staff has time to research and is successful in finding a replacement for your camper after a Change of Weeks request during the last two weeks, the change fee will be $50.

Does CT offer scholarships?

Yes, we have scholarships available each year. When there are scholarship funds still available, you can choose the Extended Pay plan and then submit a Scholarship Request Form, which you’ll find under the FORMS tab of your Parent Dashboard.

Most of our scholarship budget has been distributed before March of each year, so be sure to register early if you are seeking a scholarship.

We also have some scholarships that are given by our Camp Thurman Supporters which may still be available later in the year. Please email your desire to apply for one of those to [email protected]

Do you have payment plans available?

Yes, we do. During the registration process you will choose between full payment and the extended payment plan. If you choose the payment plan, $5 will be added to the registration fee for each week of camp. Then your payments will be spread out over the months or weeks remaining before your camp week begins. You will be able to see those payment dates during the payment process of registration.

What is the cost of the camps?

You’ll find camp costs on the individual camp descriptions and on the camp’s specific page. Our fees range from $220 for Afternoon Explosion Camp to $500 for GetAway Camp.

Are there times when parents can come do activities with their children?

Absolutely! Each year in October, we offer a Family Fun Day, giving our camp families a chance to share Camp Thurman activities together. You can read more about this special day here.

Do you have programs for families who have children with special needs?

In order to provide the safest and most enjoyable experience at Camp Thurman for our campers with special needs, we offer weeks 2 through 9 in our Day Camp program only. Although we do not have staff specifically trained in special needs, we make every effort to help our campers have a successful experience at camp.

As you register, please indicate your campers special needs and our Special Needs Coordinator will follow up with you to complete the special needs process.

Traffic at Camp Thurman

Drop-off and pick-up process for day camp

Approximate areas where your child’s group will be are indicated by 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, K, PreK and SS. If you are not parking, however, you only need to decide whether to turn right or turn left. Wherever you are in the lanes, CT Staff will come to your car to pickup or deliver your campers.

Please pull up as far in the lanes as possible and continue to pull up until your children has been taken out or put into your car.


Security Policy

In an effort to keep every child at camp safe we ask that every parent keep in mind our safety policy this year:

View Security Policy

<h1 style="text-align: center">Security Policy</h1>
► When picking up a child you MUST have your I.D. and be authorized for pickup. If you are not authorized we will have to call the primary contact to confirm you are authorized for pickup.

► If you forget your card for afternoon pickup you will need to come into the office and present your I.D. so we can confirm you are authorized for pickup.

► Remember that there is <strong>NO PICKUP</strong> after 2:30pm. We shut our gates to prepare for afternoon Traffic.

We appreciate your understanding as we seek to ensure the safety of each and every camper during their week here at Camp Thurman.

Swim Evaluation

Each week we do an evaluation of your camper's swimming skills to determine how we can make your camper's time with us as safe as possible!

View Policies

<h1 style="text-align: center">Monday Morning Swim Evaluation!</h1>
Welcome to the pools! Hopefully your counselor has already gone over all of the rules of the pools here at camp so that we can ensure a safe and fun time this week. Before we let you play all week, we have to do an evaluation of your swimming skills to determine how we can make your time with us as safe as possible! Here is how the swim evaluation will work:

<strong>The Swim Evaluation:</strong>
<li>Jump in the Pool</li>
<li>Come up and tread water (swim in place) for 10 seconds</li>
<li>After those 10 seconds, swim to the lifeguard about 30 feet away</li>
What the Lifeguard is evaluating
<li>Does the camper keep his/her nose and mouth out of the water while treading?</li>
<li>Does the camper swim with reasonable ease to the 30 foot mark?</li>
<li>Does the camper swim without grabbing onto the side of the pool, flipping onto his/her back, or grabbing the lifeguard administering the evaluation?</li>
<li>Does the camper maintain his/her composure during the course of the evaluation?</li>
<em>** Sunshine campers will all wear lifejackets during camp to ensure their safety throughout the week. Even if a sunshiner is a great swimmer, the pools can get deep and there are lots of other campers of all ages swimming at the same time. </em>



<em>Can I wear goggles during the evaluation?</em>
<li>Yes! However, if your goggles come off when you jump in, or at any other time during the test, you are not allowed to grab the side to fix them. Goggles should be used as an extra comfort, not as a necessity since we cannot ensure that every camper who needs goggles has them every swim period.</li>
<em>Can I wear shoes while I swim?</em>
<li>Yes! We ask that you take your swim test in the shoes you will be wearing while you swim, so we know you are able to swim in them!</li>
<em>Can I swim under water?</em>
<li>Yes! You can swim the 30 feet in whatever style you like, except for a backstroke.</li>
<em>Will someone be there to help me if I need help?</em>
<li>Yes! We have at least one (and usually two or three) certified Lifeguard(s) watching you during the entire evaluation to ensure you are as safe as possible. If at any time you seem to be struggling a Lifeguard will be there to help you out of the pool.</li>
<em>Am I allowed to make up a missed evaluation on Tuesday?</em>
<li>Yes! If you are not at camp Monday morning, or if you decide not to take the evaluation, you are able to make it up on Tuesday morning/afternoon.</li>
<em>If I do not pass the swim evaluation, what happens?</em>
<li>If the Lifeguard team decides that you would be safest in a lifejacket, you will be fit accordingly. You are still allowed to do EVERYTHING everyone else gets to do in the pools; you will just get to wear one of our cool lifejackets while you do it!</li>
<em>Can I bring my own life-jacket?</em>
<li>Yes, but if at any time a lifejacket from home stops working properly we will switch it out for a camp jacket to ensure the child’s safety!</li>
<em>Do I have to take the swim evaluation?</em>
<li>Nope! If you choose not to take our swim evaluation, you will be fit to wear a life-jacket for the rest of the week, or until you decide to be evaluated!</li>

Food and Nut Allergy Policy

View our food and nut policies here.

Open Form

Any Questions or Concerns can be directed to our office.

Phone: 817-274-8441
Email: [email protected]