Camp Snapshots 
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Have you ever wished you could catch a glimpse of just what goes on here at Camp Thurman?

Well, now you can.  Each week we capture the activities with our digital camera for our own scrapbook.  This year we have placed those photos on the web to share with you.

The main reason we share these photos is for you to get a chance to catch the Spirit of CT.  Spend a few moments going through the slideshow with your camper and let them tell you what's going on in the photo.  "See" the activities through their eyes.  If you happen on to one of your child and you'd like to have a copy, you may purchase it for a very nominal fee.  Only a sampling of the campers and activities are represented in the weekly photos.  Not all groups are featured, and we don't take special orders for specific children.

Photos from 2013

Photos from 2012
Photos from 2011

Photos from 2010

Photos from 2009

Photos from 2008