Breakout Camp Info
Information for Parents/Campers

This week is going to be packed full of games, competitions, skits, swimming,
and plenty more that you'll discover as the week goes on.

To help you prepare for this week, here are a few reminders:
Bring a swimsuit (girls-please wear one piece suits or Tankinis with no more than a one inch separation), towel, bug repellent,
closed-toe shoes, and a dry change of clothes--just in case).

Bring a lunch and plenty of water to sustain you through the afternoon and evening.

Be prompt at 3:00pm so we can play hard until 9:45pm each evening.

Every afternoon we will begin at the CCD Deck, so have your parents enter the Smith-Barry gate to drop you off there.
Pickup will be in the same area..

If you are unfamiliar with our camp area, here is a map to the Smith-Barry gate.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the Evening Camp director at

Don't forget OPEN HOUSE on June 7th at 10AM to 3PM.  An ORIENTATION for Breakout Camps will be held from 1 to 2PM.

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