Information About our Regular Day Camp (including Sunshine Camps)  


After your registration has been confirmed, here is some information you'll need.  You will also find answers to your questions on our FAQ pages. 

All day campers:  Each day you may drop off your child between 8:45 and 9:00 AM and pick them up between 3:45 and 4:00 PM.  Sunshine Days Campers:  Dropoff is between 8:45 and 9:00 AM, but pickup time is at 1:15.   Uncle Bill's Kids Club campers may be dropped off between 8:45 and 9:00 and picked up at 12:30. 

DIRECTIONS TO CAMP:  Use our new interactive map to find your way to the campgrounds.

EARLY PICKUP:  Please use our Early Pickup Request form to notify us that you will be picking your camper up early.  If you need to pickup your child early, please tell the counselor in the morning and submit the request form.  If this is a last minute request (after 10AM), please ALSO call us in the office at 274-8441 so that we will access the form and be ready to help remind the counselor.  Remember, counselors and campers follow a loose schedule and may be participating in an optional activity.  Please allow us 20 minutes time to locate and bring your child to the front office.  If you need to pickup your child early in the afternoon, it must be before 2:30.  Except in extreme emergency, we will not be able to look for them during that last activity period.  By the time we would find them, it would be time to bring them to the front for regular pickup. 

CAMP CLOTHES: The campers WILL get dirty, so please don't send them in anything that can't get messed up. Campers need to wear their swimsuits. Boys wear shirts with their swimsuit, and girls wear their suits under shorts and shirts. Remember the requirements for swimsuits for girls just finishing the 5th and 6th grades. We ask that they wear a modest one piece swim suit or a Tankini which nearly touches at the midriff.
Campers should wear comfortable shoes, with closed toe preferable. Water shoes or Crocs work well in the water and on the trails.  However, be sure they are not brand new, as that sometimes results in blisters.  Socks tend to get hopelessly dirty or get lost very easily, so any closed-toe shoe that does not require socks is a better choice.
     Campers need to bring a towel and a lunch with extra drinks in a small cooler.
     Please mark EVERYTHING with your child's name

SUNSCREEN:  If your child needs to have sunscreen, please choose a long-lasting brand and put it on them just before they arrive at CT.  Put some extra in their backpack and show them how to reapply it before the second swim in the afternoon.  If you child is very young and unable to reapply it themselves, then send a spray sunscreen of your choice in their backpack.  The counselor will spray them just before the afternoon swim.  If you are going to send the spray sunscreen, be sure you indicate on their medical information that the counselor should look for it.  If your child sunburns easily, it is also a very good idea to ask them to wear their t-shirt even during swim time. They dry quickly. If you would like for the counselor to spray afternoon sunscreen or to require your child to keep his/her shirt on, please indicate that on the medical section of your reg form. Otherwise, the counselor would not have time to check through all 12 backpacks to see if there is sunscreen there.  

WHAT NOT TO BRING:  Extra Money  PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY of any kind with your children! Any purchases at the snackshop must be made with fees pre-paid by the parents for the campers. We do not accept money at the Snack Shop.  We also do NOT accept money from campers to add to prepay deposits.  Only adults may make prepay deposits. Electronic Equipment Campers should not bring any electronic equipment (video games, cell phones, etc.).  

LOST AND FOUND: With over 500 campers here each week, it is certain that some clothing and belongings will get lost. We do have procedures which help keep camper and belongings together, but each counselor is responsible for 10 - 12 campers, so it is impossible for the counselor to be the one who is responsible to keep up with everyone's things. Talk with your children about the importance of dressing completely after swimming, putting items back in backpacks, and checking to make sure they have not accidentally picked up items which do not belong to them. ALL items your child brings should be marked with the child's name, especially swimming items. Even with all these precautions, kids will be kids, and things will get lost. 
If a lost and found item has a child's name on it, we return it to the counselor each day. If it does not have a name on it, it is placed in the Lost and Found bucket outside the camp office.  Campers are shown found items each day to give them a chance to claim them.  At the end of the week on Friday afternoon, all leftover items are taken to the storage shed, which is a long way from the office and most campsites. It is impossible for us to look through the items for you after your week of camp. However, if you would like to come to camp and search for the item yourself, we will be glad to direct you to the Lost and Found Shed. Every two or three weeks, all unclaimed items are given to Mission Arlington.

PREPAID SNACKS:  If you have not pre-paid for snacks, you may do so at anytime ONLINE before or during your camp week or on mornings during the camp week. You will need to park head-in on the east side of the parking lot close to the office and come to the office area to pre-pay or add money to pre-pay accounts.

There are No Refunds on Snack Money if your child has money left over.  All left over snack money is put into our scholarship fund.

T-SHIRTS:  If you have pre-paid for a T-Shirt, you must come in and pick up the shirt; we do not automatically give your child the shirt.  Prepaying for a T-shirt gives you a small discount and helps us to know how many shirts to order so that we'll have enough shirts for all who want one. You may pick up your camper's shirt at Open House or any time the camp is in session. If you register by April 1st, we will send you an email asking that you look at the online selection of shirts and fill in the form to select one in the style and size you want for your child. Then we will pull that particular shirt for you and have it packaged and ready to pick up during the two weeks before camp season begins.  If you do not submit the T-Shirt Selection Form, we cannot pull a particular shirt for you, and we do advise that you pick up your shirt early in the summer season to have the best choice of styles/sizes, as we cannot guarantee that all sizes/styles will still be available when your camp week begin

If you choose to have your T-Shirt mailed, you will receive an email a few weeks before Open House asking you to go online and pick a style and size.  We will have that shirt packaged and mailed to you before camp begins.  If you select this option and you do not respond to the email to select your style and size, you will lose the $2 paid for mailing and you will need to go through the regular t-shirt line to pick your shirt from those still available.
You will receive a CT Memories photo package free.  It contains two 4 x 6 photos (group and individual) mounted in a souvenir folder.  Counselors will give these folders to the parents at pickup time on Thursday or Friday.  If your child is not present on the day we take photos of your group (either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday), we will not be able to take retakes of the group, but we will try to take one of your camper and his counselor, so the package you receive will be the individual photo and the group photo (without your camper).  We no longer offer the action shots; however, camp candids will still be taken throughout each week and are available to order on our website.  Not all groups will be represented in those photos.  We won't be taking orders or requests for specific campers, but you are welcome to come any day of the week to take your own photos.

The Camp Thurman staff wants to place your child in a group which will make his/her experience here the happiest possible, so please be assured that we will do our very best to fulfill your requests.
However, if you made a request on your registration form for your child to be in a group with someone, please understand that that person must be of the same sex, within one year of the same age, and must also be registered and confirmed for the same week as your child. With over 5000 registrations, it is impossible for us to inform you if these requirements are not met. Please check with the "group-mate(s)" of your child to see if they are indeed in your same week. 
Once the week is full, groups are formed with requests in mind. And once these groups are formed, it is very difficult for us to change a camper from one group to another without a good deal of time. Closer to camp time, once a child has been informed that he is in a specific group, it may very well bring unhappiness to another child if we try to rearrange groups, so please do not ask to change groups when you arrive on Monday morning of camp week. Check with us at least 3 weeks before your camp date if you want to confirm a specific group-mate. 

You will receive an Information Email the week before your camp starts, and your child's counselor will email you to let you know whose group they'll be in. Then on Thursday and/or Friday they will call to see if you have any questions.  If for some reason your child's counselor does not reach you, on Monday morning there will be a table in the pavilion area where you'll be able to confirm your child's group and counselor.  

  Our Open House will be on Saturday, June 6th, this year. Remember that it is always the Saturday before the first week of camp, anytime between 10AM and 3PM.  You can stop by the campgrounds to meet the staff, take a tour of the facilities, try some of the activities, and buy camp "stuff". 
     Open House for Uncle Bill's Kids Club will be held on Saturday, May 30th from 10AM to Noon.  Please come at 10:30AM for an information session and then your counselor will take you on a tour of the facilities.  
     Open House for all afternoon/evening and away camps will also be on June 6th.  Staff will be available in the afternoon to answer any of your questions about these camps.

FAMILY TREASURE DAYS:   Ever wished you could come to camp with your children?  Well, you can!  Our seventh annual CT Family Treasure Day will be on Oct. 10th in 2015.



RAINY WEATHER DAYS:  Our normal procedure for rainy days is to keep the camp open.  We have four separate covered areas where we bring the campers for songs, games, and skits until the rain stops, and then we go back out into the camp for our regular activities.
If your child is uncomfortable with stormy weather, you are always welcome to pick them up early or bring them in late.
Please come through the office to arrange early pick-up or late drop-off.