Information About our Uncle Bill's Kids Club Camp   

After your registration has been confirmed, here is some information you'll need.  You will also find answers to your questions on our FAQ pages.

Traffic Information - You will enter the campgrounds at the gate at the end of Sarah Dr.  With the small number of campers participating in this special camp, there should be no problem with traffic.  We have no traffic staff for Uncle Bill's, so please park head-in on the east side of the parking lot and bring your child to the counselor.

CAMP HOURS:  Each day you may drop off your child between 8:45 and 9:00 AM and pick them up at 12:30 PM.  


DIRECTIONS TO CAMP:  Use our new interactive map to find your way to the campgrounds.


EARLY PICKUP:  If you need to pickup your child early, please tell the counselor in the morning and call us in the office at 274-8441 so that we may help remind the counselor.  Remember, counselors and campers follow a loose schedule and may be participating in an optional activity.  Please allow us 20 minutes time to locate and bring your child to the front office.  

CAMP CLOTHES: The campers WILL get dirty, so please don't send them in anything that can't get messed up. Campers need to wear their swimsuits. Boys wear shirts with their swimsuit, and girls wear their suits under shorts and shirts.  At this age, a modest tankini style two-piece suits for girls are preferable.
Campers should wear comfortable shoes, with closed toe preferable. Water shoes or Crocs work well in the water and on the trails.  However, be sure they are not brand new, as that sometimes results in blisters.  Socks tend to get hopelessly dirty or get lost very easily, so any closed-toe shoe that does not require socks is a better choice.

TOWELS:  Please send a towel you really don't care about.  This is the most often lost item at Camp Thurman.

Please mark EVERYTHING with your child's name


SUNSCREEN:   If your child needs to have sunscreen, please choose a long-lasting brand and put it on them just before they arrive at CT.  Then send a spray sunscreen of your choice in their backpack.  The counselor will spray them just before swim time.  If you are going to send the spray sunscreen, be sure you indicate on their medical information that the counselor should look for it.  You may also ask the counselor to have your child wear their T-Shirt all day long, even in the pool.

WHAT NOT TO BRING:  Money - please do not send money with your child!  Campers should not bring any electronic equipment (video games, cell phones, etc.).  

LOST AND FOUND: We do have procedures which help keep camper and belongings together, but kids are kids, and it is inevitable that things will get lost. Talk with your children about the importance of dressing completely after swimming, putting items back in backpacks, and checking to make sure they have not accidentally picked up items which do not belong to them. ALL items your child brings should be marked with the child's name, especially swimming items.
If a lost and found item has a child's name on it, we return it to the counselor each day. If it does not have a name on it, it is placed in the Lost and Found bucket outside the camp office or is hung in the area beside the First Aid shed.  After the week is over, it is taken to the Lost and Found storage tent. Every two or three weeks, all unclaimed items are given to Mission Arlington.

EXTRA MONEY? PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY of any kind with your children!  Snacks will be provided for the campers in this special camp, so they will not need to purchase anything.
Parents may still pay for other merchandise at the Trading Post with cash, checks, or credit card.

T-SHIRTS:  Your camper will receive a free special T-Shirt designed just for Uncle Bill's Kids.  Those will be passed out to the campers at pickup time on Monday, if you didn't pick one up at Open House.  If you would like to purchase one of the other CT T-shirts,  you may purchase one at Open House or during the camp week.  
Remember, this camp dismisses before lunch, so you do not need to pack any food; also, we will be giving each child a bottle of water each day, so it is also not necessary to send any type of cooler.
You will receive a CT Memories photo package free.  It contains two photos (group and individual) mounted in a souvenir folder.  Counselors will give these folders to the parents at pickup time on Thursday or Friday.  If your child is not present on the day we take photos of your group (either Monday or Tuesday), we will not be able to take retakes of the group, but we will try to take one of your camper and his counselor, so in the case of absences the package you receive will be the individual photo and the group photo (without your camper).

The Camp Thurman staff wants to place your child in a group which will make his/her experience here the happiest possible, so please be assured that we will do our very best to fulfill your requests.
Since this camp will be limited to only 4- and 5-yr olds, the only restrictions for grouping will be that the campers are of the same gender.  Just be sure you have let us know at least 3 weeks in advance that you would like your camper placed with a particular friend. 
Once the week is full, groups are formed with requests in mind. Closer to camp time, once a child has been informed that he is in a specific group, it may very well bring unhappiness to another child if we try to rearrange groups, so please do not ask to change groups when you arrive on Monday morning of camp week.  

Grouping is done a couple of weeks before each camp date, and counselor assignments are made the weekend before each camp week starts. You will receive an Information Email the week before your camp starts, and your child's counselor will email you to let you know whose group they'll be in. Then on Thursday and/or Friday they will call to see if you have any questions.  When you drop off and pick up your child, you will look for that counselor's name on the signs in front of the office pavilion area or south of there. If for some reason your child's counselor does not reach you, on Monday morning there will be a table in the pavilion area where you'll be able to confirm your child's group and counselor. 

  Our Uncle Bill's Open House will be on Saturday, May 30th, this year. Please come at 10:30AM for a general meeting to meet your counselor and get information, and then you may take a tour of the grounds, pick up your Uncle Bill's T-shirt, buy any extra shirts or other CT merchandise. 

FAMILY TREASURE DAYS:   Ever wished you could come to camp with your children?  Well, you can!  Our fifth annual CT Family Treasure Day will be on October 10th in 2015.

RAINY WEATHER DAYS:  Our normal procedure for rainy days is to keep the camp open.  We have four separate covered areas where we bring the campers for songs, games, and skits until the rain stops, and then we go back out into the camp for our regular activities.
If your child is uncomfortable with stormy weather, you are always welcome to pick them up early or bring them in late.
Please come through the office to arrange early pick-up or late drop-off.