CT Open House 2015  
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Our Open House for Regular Day Camp 
this year will be on 
Saturday, June 6th 
anytime between 10AM and 3PM.  
Remember that it is always the Saturday before the first week of camp.
If your family is participating in any of the regular day camps this season, you can stop by the campgrounds to meet the staff, take a tour of the facilities, try some of the activities, and buy camp "stuff". 
If you are here at lunch time, we will be selling Pizza and drinks.
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Open House for Uncle Bill's Kids Club will be held on Sat, May 30th from 10:30AM to Noon.  
Please come at 10:30AM for a short orientation session and 
then your counselor will take you on a tour of the facilities.

Open House for all Afternoon/Evening and Away Camps will also be Sat. June 6th. 
Staff for these camps will be available in the afternoon to talk with any parents about how these camps are specially designed for your older campers, special directions for drop-off/pickup,
and other areas which affect your camper. 
Campers for Away Camps (including CIT-IT camp and GetAway camp)
will be given a list of What to Bring.

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