Accessing Your MyCampThurmanAccount
If you have registered online this season or previous years
or if you have received a confirmation of a registration form you mailed or dropped off, 
then you may access your account at anytime by clicking here:    MyAccountLogin
What you can do in your MyCampThurman Account
[click on item listed below to find out more information about that feature]
  • Check your child's current registration status
If you are not on the MyAccountHome page, click on that link and then on the STATEMENT/CONF tab. On that page you'll see your child's name listed. Use the + or - sign or the SHOW DETAIL/HIDE DETAIL tabs to see more or less information about each item.
  • Review or change the information we have on record for you or your children, including groupmates
Click on Edit Information and then click on VIEW/EDIT under the account name or camper name to bring up fields of information. Add or change the info in the field and then click UPDATE at the bottom of the page to submit the new information.
  • Change your account password or your email login address
Click on the CHANGE PASSWORD link. On that page you'll see options to change your Username (email login address) or your password.
  • Make a payment on your balance
Click on MAKE A PAYMENT and then choose the method of payment - either Electronic Check or Credit/Debit Card. Enter all the required information under your choice. Under the PAY column enter the amount you are wanting to pay for each child. You'll then see the TOTAL PAYMENT amount. Click on SUBMIT PAYMENT to pay the Total Payment amount.
  • Print off a statement for this year or any previous year
Click on the MY ACCOUNT tab to get back to the home page of your account and then on the STATEMENT/CONF tab. Click on the PRINTABLE STATEMENT link on the right side of the page. That will allow you to print off the current year's statement.

If you need a statement from previous years, you must first click on VIEW FULL ACCOUNT HISTORY at the bottom right of the page. Then when you click on PRINTABLE STATEMENT you'll see payments from 2007 to the present year.
  • Purchase a T-Shirt or prepaid snacks
Before you make any T-Shirt or Prepaid Snacks purchase, be sure to check what you have already bought. You can do that by using the STATEMENT/CONF tab. Then click on the BUY tab. There you'll need to choose the camper from the drop-down list.
Click on the item you are interested in and then enter either an amount or quantity for that item.
Click CONTINUE to see a summary of items selected on the payment options page. Choose the payment option you prefer, enter the required information under that option and then click SUBMT to make the purchase.
Repeat this process for additional campers.
What you cannot do in your MyCampThurman Account
[click on item below to find out how to accomplish that task instead]
  • Register for a Camp Week
Your CT Account is designed so that you can make changes to the information, make payments, or purchase optional items. If you would like to Register for a Camp week, please click here or use the REGISTRATION link on the home page.
  • Change a Camp Week
To be able to change a camp week, we must check to make sure that the week is available and that you have met the requirements to change the week; therefore the option to Change A Week is not available on your CT Account. To submit a request to change a week, please go to Requests on our Contact Us page .
  • Cancel a Confirmed or Waitlisted Camp Week
Before a week can be cancelled, we must make sure you have met the requirements so that we are able to refund your fees. If you would like to submit a Request to Cancel a Week, please click here .
  • Manually enter a new credit card number
For your security, we do not keep full credit card numbers in our database. We can only see the last four numbers. If for any reason you need to change the credit/debit card number that the registration program uses for payment plans the best way to do that is to make a payment of one dollar on your account, using the method described above under Make A Payment. When you do that, that card becomes the card of record and will be used for any subsequent auto-charges.
Remember, your Email ID is the email address you listed as you registered online or on your registration form. If you don't know which one you listed, send us an email to, and we'll respond with an email to you to let you know which one you listed.

If you've forgotten your password or you've never created one, you can use the "I don't know my Password" feature to set/reset it.