for the 2018 summer season

Why Wait?
Pre-register for summer 2018!

Between June 9th to August 12th, you will be able to reserve your 2018 camp week session via the pre-registration process! You can do this by going to the Parent Dashboard. Click on the Enrollment tab and select the Enroll 2018 option.

You may begin pre-registration after you have completed your 2017 camp week.

How can I pay?

You can choose either the Pay in Full option during pre-registration, or you can choose the Extended Pay Plan option. If you choose the Pay in Full option, you will only be charged $25 at checkout and will be charged the remainder of the amount on November 1st. If you choose the Extended Pay Plan, you have the option of beginning your payments in the summer or waiting until November 16th to begin your first payment.

How much is it?

A $25 non-refundable deposit will be required for pre-registration, and will apply toward your registration fees. There will be no refund if you decide not to send your camper in the 2018 summer season.

What week can I pre-register for?

You can only pre-register your camper for the same camp week session in 2018 that they attended in 2017. For instance, if your camper attended Week 3 in 2017, your pre-registration option will be Week 3 in 2018.

What if my camper is “moving up?”

If your camper is moving up to different camp—day camp to ETC, ETC to breakout—you may pre-register for any week they are eligible to attend in 2018.

What if we want to change weeks?

You should first pre-register during the June 9th to August 12th window. You may request a change of camp week during the week of August 14th to August 18th. This is not guaranteed, but probable. Additional week change requests will not be taken until October 15th.

What about a new camper in a returning family?

This will be possible, but through a different process. Make sure to create a new camper profile, and submit the PreRegister New Camper, Returning Family form.

Pre-Registration Timeline


June 9th to August 12th — Pre-Registration

August 14th to 18th — Pre-Registration Week Change Requests

October 1st — Regular Registration for All Families

November 1st — Balance of payment charge for those who selected Pay in Full option