Camp Choices - Ages 4 to 11
Our Traditional Day Camps and the Afternoon Explosion Camps
Camp Thurman has a variety of camps designed to meet the needs and preferences of all ages.
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10 weekly sessions
beginning June 9

through August 15

Hours 9-4, Monday thru Friday

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CT's Traditional
Day Camp
More than 40 Years
of Kids and Fun

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Hours 9-1:15
 Monday thru Friday 
10 weekly sessions

for ages 4 and 5 only
June 2-June 6
Hours 9-12:30
Monday thru Friday


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For campers 
Age 8 - 11
Week 2 (June 16-20)
Week 5 (July 7-11)
Week 8 (July 28-Aug 1)
Hours 3:00 - 7:30 PM
Monday thru Friday
Cost $145