Challenge Adventures - Team Building

We're Jammin'

All you need is 4 hours and one large space to put a group into  "play" mode and discover qualities about themselves and their team of co-workers or classmates.  Our JAM sessions provide opportunities to explore, play and learn more about yourself and others. In this fun and competitive environment, teams see Creative Chaos quickly change into Dynamic Deeds as each group tackles a variety of problem-solving challenges. Each activity is selected to span the 7 kinds of "smart" based on the Multiple Intelligences and Emotional Intelligences Theories.  Groups learn in a real way about effective leadership styles, group cohesiveness, and building positive community environments.

What do you need to bring?  Bring your desire to play with a purpose and to learn through experiences.  It's a turnkey program which gives you time to relax and enjoy a time well spent with teammates.

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