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October 11, 2014
/files/Photos/Special Days/Treasure Days/FTDJordanGully2.jpg   What is it?
A chance for your family to enjoy
all the fun of Camp Thurman
together.  We'll have the camp activities
open and will add some group games
that all can participate in.
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/files/Photos/Special Days/Treasure Days/FTDRanges230.jpg When is it? 
All camp families and other
families in the community are invited
to the CT Family Treasure Day
October 11, 2014.

This is a great time to invite your friends who have been wondering about why you are so crazy about Camp Thurman!
They can register as a new family just for this event!

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    What will we do?
keeping with our CT tradition, participation in any activity is strictly by choice,
but here are some of the activities which may be planned:

Group Activities: SlapDodgeBall

CT Camp Activities:  Climbing Walls * Archery/BBs Range * Tarzan's Swing *
Jordan and Kidron Gully Elements *  Power Pole * Quadruple Zipline  *Face Painting  * Water Wagon * K-Klimb and K-Klimb Zip  
Supervision:  Parents must accompany their children and  supervise them throughout the day.  
We will provide trained staff to direct the activity areas for safety and orderliness.  
Our staff will also organize and conduct the group activities.
What is the cost?
$10 per person
What are the hours? 
The day's activities will run from 10am to 3pm.  You may come and go as you please, but you will need to check the specific activity schedule prepared for that day to make sure you don't miss your favorite.  Picnic tables are available all over the campgrounds where you can enjoy a picnic lunch with your family.  Or you can buy a pizza lunch from our snack counter.