CT Adventure Trips Availability Chart
Green (OPEN) = Good Availability, Red = Camp Week is on waitlist
Yellow = a few spots still available, Numbers represent spots still available.
These charts do not automatically update.  
They are manually updated once a week,
so when you register, availability could be less than what is shown

              CT Adventure Trips - 2013/14
Name of Camp
Kind of Camp 
Nov. 15-16, 2013
 Family Outpost Adventure
Overnight Trip Trip Completed
February 22, 2014 Family Winter Day Hike
Day Trip

Trip Completed

March 21-22, 2014

Father/Son Outpost Adventure 
Overnight Trip Trip Completed
April 19, 2014 Family Spring Day Hike
Day Trip Trip Completed
May 3, 2014 Family Canoe Day Trip
Day Trip Postponed-low water
June 7, 2014 Dad/Son Canoe Day Trip Day Trip Trip Completed
August 1-6, 2014 Ozark Mtn Family Adventure
Weeklong Waitlist Basis Only