CT Adventure Trips Availability Chart
Green (OPEN) = Good Availability, Red = Camp Week is on waitlist
Yellow = a few spots still available, Numbers represent spots still available.
These charts do not automatically update.  
They are manually updated once a week,
so when you register, availability could be less than what is shown

              CT Adventure Trips - 2013/14
Name of Camp
Kind of Camp 
Nov. 15-16, 2013
 Family Outpost Adventure
Overnight Trip Trip Completed
February 22, 2014 Family Winter Day Hike
Day Trip

Trip Completed

March 21-22, 2014

Father/Son Outpost Adventure 
Overnight Trip Trip Completed
April 19, 2014 Family Spring Day Hike
Day Trip Open
May 3, 2014 Family Canoe Day Trip
Day Trip Open
June 7, 2014 Dad/Son Canoe Day Trip Day Trip Open
August 1-6, 2014 Ozark Mtn Family Adventure
Weeklong Spots for 4 more families