We are no longer accepting applications for this summer's staff.
Please try again after Jan. 1st, 2015.

Have you ever wondered if you'd make a good camp counselor?  Does a kid's smile bring a smile of your own, did you enjoy being a kid and do you still get a kick out of playing outdoors, is getting a chance to share the love of Jesus something high on your priority list, do you know when it's time to be silly and when it's time to stop, are you a self-starter who welcomes responsibility, are you someone a friend can trust, is hard work something that doesn't scare you, are you not ashamed to call Jesus your own, do you find yourself singing for no reason, is a hug from Mom or Dad something you are proud of, can you easily say "My Bad!" when you know you were wrong and "Way to Go" when you see someone else succeed, do you believe you can help a child feel good about himself and would you welcome the chance to do that?  Then you've come to the right place!  Go ahead, make the jump, sign up to be the most important part of Camp Thurman - a part of the counseling staff!

The counselors, assistant counselors, and CITs are the heart of Camp Thurman. Many of our counselors began their relationship with CT as campers themselves. The times they shared here were memorable and meaningful enough that they wanted to continue their involvement with the camp as leaders.  Some of the counselors of the past years have gone into full-time Christian service; others have moved on to become leaders in the community. More and more are establishing their Christian homes and bringing their children to camp. This tradition of moving up through the ranks is an important part of Camp Thurman, but so is discovering CT and the joy of joining the staff as a young adult.

Each summer the Lord continues to bring us committed young people to serve as role models, motivators, and group leaders. Qualifications, background, and youth leader recommendations for staff members are carefully checked, and counselors are chosen based on their ability to work with children successfully, their commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, and their willingness to follow the camp procedures necessary to provide a safe, fun, wholesome outdoor experience for our campers. Confidential background checks are required.
For Camp Thurman 2013 we had 110 counselors, 95 assistant counselors, and 120 CITs.   Would you like to be one of them?