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New T-Shirt Pickup Process

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We would like to clear up any confusion about the new t-shirt pickup process. Our desire in removing the shipping option was to better serve our parents and campers in this new process. In 2016, over 80% of our t-shirt orders were requested as shipping orders. As a non-profit organization, our goal is to provide excellent service while putting all our proceeds back into our program and facility. As an organization that does not employee a full time distribution department, we were not satisfied with the shipping times and human errors we saw and felt that our standard of customer service and efficiency were not being met. We also found that the cost to fulfill and ship our families the shirts was more expense then we wanted. The best option to bring the price down, while serving as many families as efficiently as possible, was to take away the shipping option.

T-shirt pick up week is only ONE way that you can pick up your camper’s shirt this year. The goal of this week was to allow all those who purchased a shirt at registration the first chance at shirt selection. We hoped this week would allow you time outside of your child’s camp week to select the shirt style and size without the confusion and long lines typical of Monday morning drop-off.

However, the 2nd option for t-shirt pickup is during the week that your camper attends camp. This option allows you to park during morning or afternoon traffic and come to select a t-shirt. Our intent was to have significantly shorter t-shirt lines during regular camp weeks, allowing those of you that could not pick up your t-shirts before camp a chance to come and go quickly and easily.

We did communicate to all parents that t-shirts would not be available for shipping this summer by including that note in your registration underneath the t-shirt purchase option. We understand not everyone recognized or read this change and we apologize for any confusion or stress this may have caused. We pride ourselves on putting our parents and campers first at Camp Thurman and work to serve YOU. We hope you can understand why we decided on this process and are willing to work with us through this change to make it the best option for everyone.

Thank you,

Blake Bowman
Executive Director
Camp Thurman

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View this year’s merchandise, available for sale online beginning May 15th
or pick up Prepaid TShirts at TShirt pick-up week May 8th-11th at camp 3:30 to 7:30 PM!

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Pre-Order Shirts

The Pre-order of TShirts via the Parent Dashboard is now closed for the season.

T-Shirt Pickup

If you did not have an opportunity to get your CT t-shirts these are our available hours for the remainder of the summer!

Office hours to pick up T-shirts

May 15th to May 26th (MON-FRI) | 1-4pm
May 29th to August 11th (MON-FRI) | During drop off & pick up or 9:30-2:30