Founded in 1969, Camp Thurman has earned the reputation as one of North Texas’ premier camps. Located in the middle of Arlington on 14 acres of trees and creeks, the facilities at Camp Thurman are second to none.

About Our Programs

Camp Thurman is open to adult and youth groups during the off-camp summer months for team building and training programs. Group sizes begin at 12 and can be as large as 100 plus.

Our program offers a variety of events that do not necessarily require participants to be athletic to enjoy the challenges and be successful. At any time, participants may choose to only provide encouragement and support rather than physically participating in the challenge activity.

The programs are customized for each group and offer a variety of experiences to build stronger communities and teams.

Adventure days are designed between half day and full day programming. Every program includes spaces for participants of all ages and physical abilities.

Off-site Adventure programs are also available along with specialized programs to fit almost any space or need.

Benefits on Our Programs

Build a sense of Unity, Community, and team identity
Develop effective communication skills
Practice decision making skills
Identify and strengthen leadership styles
Promote self-confidence in individuals
Encourage creativity and risk taking

Sample of Our Programs

Each and every Adventure Challenge Program is specifically designed to each group’s goals, challenges, and objectives.

Book a Challenge Adventure Day

If you are interested in your team, group, company, school, church, or organization, you are in the right place. We are in this business to help groups grow closer together and form better bonds among teammates, students, teachers, coworkers, or leadership teams. We will make sure we get back to you as quickly as possible and work as best as we can with your schedule and group size.

If you would like to request a challenge adventure day here at Camp Thurman, please fill out this form. If you would like to know more information about our programs, follow the button below.


Half Days are 3 hours or less and include the following:

Introduction and Opening Ceremony
Ice Breakers and Team Initiatives
Low Element Challenges
Closing Ceremony

Full Days are from 4 to 6 hours and include the following:

Introduction and Opening Ceremony
Ice Breakers and Team Initiatives
Low Element Challenges
High Element Challenges
Closing Ceremony

All programs include a pre-planning time, a written follow-up debrief of language and team tools used during the adventure day, a booklet of 10 low prop / no prop teambuilding activities, and a flash drive with pictures taken during the day.

Off-site Adventure Programs

Portable equipment allows Camp Thurman to also bring programs to other facilities when different times and space are needed. We can write programs to fit the locale of a retreat center, an indoor conference area, or a combination of both indoor and outdoor spaces. With our unique ability to customize programs, we can create just the right activities to meet your group’s needs and intents.

When Pigs Fly  and other Themed Programs

Teambuilding with nothing but a rubber pig, a roll of duct tape, or a handful of bandanas are an innovative way to transform a “sit in your seat lecture type conference” into a highly interactive experience for your participants. We will tailor the activities to create the space for exploring, discovering, problem-solving, communicating, trust-building, and goal-setting, all of which lead to more connected communities where individuals feel a greater sense of belonging.

Facilitator Training

Learn the art of leading experiential activities through our specialized facilitator training. We have several different programs available and all are designed around using low props and no props. Whether you are new to facilitating or just want a refresher on your soft skills, we can tailor the program for your group.

We’re Jammin’

All you need is 4 hours and one large space to put a group into “play” mode and discover qualities about themselves and their team. Our JAM sessions provide opportunities to explore, play and learn more about yourself and others. In this fun and competitive environment, teams see Creative Chaos quickly change into Dynamic Deeds as each group tackles a variety of problem-solving challenges. Each activity is selected to span the 7 kinds of “smart” based on the Multiple Intelligences and Emotional Intelligences Theories. Groups learn in a real way about effective leadership styles, group cohesiveness, and building positive community environments.

What do you need to bring? Bring your desire to play with a purpose and to learn through experiences. It’s a turnkey program which gives you time to relax and enjoy a time well spent with teammates.

Backpack Adventures

Create spectacular experiential days using only the equipment from a backpack. Our services include a backpack of low prop / no prop equipment, a manual of activities, and 2 days of training. Great opportunity for educational organizations, service teams, and leadership groups! The possibilities are endless and the benefits are tremendous!