Celebrating 50 years

of service.

Availability for Camps

Numbers represent spots still available. Because these charts aren’t automatically updated, please note the time of the latest update.

Day Camps

Camp Week

2019 Dates

Uncle Bill's (Age 4–5)

Day Camp (Ages 5–11)

Sunshine Boys (Age 4)

Sunshine Girls (Age 4)

Latest UpdateSaturday07/20/191:00 PM

Uncle Bill's

May 27–31 Complete

Week 1

June 3–7 (1)CompleteCompleteComplete

Week 2

June 10–14 (2)CompleteCompleteComplete

Week 3

June 17–21 (3)CompleteCompleteComplete

Week 4

June 24–28 (4)CompleteCompleteComplete

Week 5

July 1–5 (5)CompleteCompleteComplete

Week 6

July 8–12 (6)CompleteCompleteComplete

Week 7

July 15–19 (7)CompleteCompleteComplete

Week 8

July 22–26 (8)Waitlist onlyWaitlist only3

Week 9

July 29–Aug 2 (9)32Waitlist onlyWaitlist Only

Week 10

Aug 5–9 (10)11Waitlist Only1

Night & Away Camps

Camp Week

2019 Dates

Name of Camp

Grade (Entering in Fall)

Availability Boys

Availability Girls

Latest Update

Saturday07/20/191:03 PM

Week 2

June 10–14ETC Camp 27thCompleteComplete

Week 3

June 15–20CIT Leadership Camp9thCompleteComplete

Week 3

June 17–21Breakout Camp 38th or 9thCompleteComplete

Week 4

June 24–28ETC Camp 47thCompleteComplete

Week 5

July 1-5Breakout Camp 58th or 9thCompleteComplete

Week 6

July 8-12Explosion Camp62nd-6thCancelledCancelled

Week 7

July 15-19Breakout Camp 78th or 9thCompleteComplete

Week 8

July 22-27GetAway Camp 87th, 8th or 9thWaitlist OnlyWaitlist Only

Week 9

July 29 - Aug 2ETC Camp 97th51

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Waitlist Information

Waitlist registrations are recorded in the order in which they are received.


After Reading

Go to the Parent Dashboard and enroll your camper in the week you want them waitlisted on.  The program will automatically place your camper on the waitlist if the week is full.

No Deposit Required

There is no deposit required to be listed on our waitlist. Traditionally we are able to place about 50% of our Classic Day Camp waitlist campers. Being placed from any waiting list will depend on any cancellations we receive.

Length of Waitlist

We will keep your camper’s name on our waiting list until the day before the session you have chosen unless you submit a Remove from Waitlist form on your parent dashboard forms tab to ask us to take your camper off the list.

Waitlist Update

If we are able to place them from a waitlist into a confirmed status, we do not call first. When we have moved your child into a confirmed status, you will receive a Placed From Waitlist email confirmation. If you do not receive an email then they are still on the waiting list.

Remove from Waitlist

You may remove your camper from a waitlist at any time, but unless you request to be removed through the Parent Dashboard forms tab, we will assume you continue to want your camper to be placed in the waitlisted week, and we will move them in as soon as a spot opens. After the move, and after the registration fees have been charged, we will send you a confirmation email to let you know that your camper is confirmed in the week you had waitlisted.

Cancelation Fee

If you decline this waitlist placement after we have moved you in, there will be a $10 to $25 cancellation fee if you decline within 7 days. After that time, you will be subject to the same cancellation policy as any other confirmed registration; that means unless we are able to replace your camper with someone else from the waitlist, there will be no refund.