Camp Nicknames


Choosing a Camp Name

All counselor and staff members at Camp Thurman use camp nicknames instead of their real names.  The campers do not know real names until the Counselor Hunt on Fridays.  When a camper finds a counselor he or she has to guess the counselor’s real name.

When choosing a camp name, keep in mind you will have it as long as you work at Camp Thurman (some of our counselors have been here more than 10 years).  You can make it something that means something to you or just something you like.  Remember names that are more than one syllable usually get shortened by those you work with,  ex.  Tinkerbell – was called Tink.  Make it something that is positive and kid oriented, ex. not Convict.  The attached pages are names of either past retired counselors or names currently being used.  You may not use any name on the list, any part of the name, or anything that sounds very similar.  We need to be able to distinguish you from other counselors and staff.  Example- Counselor name Candy – you cannot have Candy, Candies, Candied, or Candy Apple etc.

Have fun and be creative.

Note: This list is not necessarily complete.  We try to update often, but there are names already taken which may not be on this list.  Therefore we reserve the right to ask you to choose another if you choose a name not on the list that has been used or if you choose an inappropriate one.   Thanks!

Click here to see the list of Names Already Used