Choosing an Alternate-Choice Week

Choosing an Alternate-Choice Camp Week

If your camper is on a long waitlist, there is an option for you.  You can leave your camper on that waitlist but also enroll them in an alternate-choice week.  That way, if they we are never able to place them in your first choice, they will still have a week of exciting fun at Camp Thurman.

Here’s how you do that:

  1.  Go to your Parent Dashboard and click on the ENROLLMENT tab and your camper’s name.
  2. Go through the normal process to register your camper for your alternate-choice week.  While there is no cost to be in a waitlisted week, you will pay in full or on the Extended Pay plan for this alternate-choice week.
  3. After you have completed the enrollment in this week, click on the FORMS tab in your Parent Dashboard and fill out the Information about Waitlisted Campers form.
  4. On that form you can tell us how many total weeks you want for your camper, that your waitlisted week is your preference, and that if a spot should open in your waitlisted week that you want us to move your camper from your alternate week to the week they were waitlisted in and transfer the fees you have paid.
  5. It’s a win-win process.  You’ll be guaranteed a week at CT for your camper, and you’ll be guaranteed that it will be your first choice if a spot should open there.