Extreme Heat Day Procedures


On especially hot and/or humid days, we take extra precautions to ensure everyone at camp stays cool and healthy. Below are just a few of the things we do at Camp Thurman to prevent heat exhaustion.

Mandatory Swim Times

Each group has two mandatory swim times: one scheduled before lunch, and another scheduled after lunch.

All campers are required to get into the pool on the hottest days.

Shaded Activities

Counselors lead groups in activities especially designed to keep them cool. These activities often involve water, are in the shade, and do not include strenuous physical activity. For example, groups with game time scheduled after lunch are instructed not to use that time for field games or capture the flag.

Water Breaks

Extra time is set aside for water breaks during each activity and extra ice is added to each water cooler. Staff are instructed to require campers that their “ticket” to move on to their next activity is taking a drink of water.

Fans & Misters

Extra-large fans are stationed in Zion and on CCD to circulate air around the kids during breaks and free-play. This helps to facilitate evaporative-cooling. Commercial misters are also placed to cool all areas around our ropes activities. In extreme heat we have seen at least a 20 degree drop in shaded areas with the misters.

Trees @ CT

Camp Thurman is blessed by trees! More than 80% of our property is under the shade of mature Post Oaks, therefore, the majority of your campers activities are in shaded areas.

Exhaustion Precaution

All of our counselors are on the lookout for signs of heat exhaustion, and know to encourage and carefully monitor food and water consumption.