Day Camp Info

Camp Hours

  • Each day you may drop off your child between 8:30 and 9:00 AM and pick them up between 3:30 and 4:00 PM.
  • Sunshine Campers drop off is between 8:30 and 9:00 AM, but pickup time is at 1:15.


Camp Clothes

The campers will get dirty, so please don’t send them in anything that can’t get messed up.
  • Boys wear shirts with their swimsuit, and girls wear their suits under shorts and shirts.
  • Girls finishing 4th grade and older, please wear one piece suits or “tankinis” with no more than a one inch separation.(just in case).
  • Campers should wear comfortable closed-toe shoes.
  • Campers need to bring a towel and a lunch with extra drinks in a small cooler. Please mark everything with your child’s name. Don’t send a towel you care anything about.  We have piles of lost and unclaimed towels we take to Mission Arlington each summer.



  • If your child needs to have sunscreen, please choose a long-lasting brand and put it on them just before they arrive at CT. Put some extra in their backpack and show them how to reapply it before the second swim in the afternoon.
  • If your child is very young and unable to reapply it themselves, then send a spray sunscreen of your choice in their backpack. The counselor will spray them just before the afternoon swim.
  • If your child sunburns easily, it is also a very good idea to ask them to wear their T-shirt even during swim time. If you would like for the counselor to spray afternoon sunscreen or to require your child to keep his/her shirt on, please indicate that on the required Medical Form you fill out as part of the registration process.


What Not to Bring

  • Extra Money – Any purchases at the snack shop must be made with fees prepaid by the parents for the campers. We do not accept money at the Snack Shop. We also do NOT accept money from campers to add to prepay deposits. Only adults may make deposits.
  • Electronic Equipment – Campers should not bring any electronic equipment (video games, cell phones,tablets, etc.)


Lost & Found

With over 600 campers here each week, it is certain that some clothing and belongings will get lost. We do have procedures which help keep camper and belongings together, but each counselor is responsible for 10-12 campers, so it is impossible for the counselor to be the one who is responsible to keep up with everyone’s things. Please talk with your camper about keeping up with their items.
  • All items your child brings should be marked with your child’s name, especially swimming items.
  • It is impossible for us to look through the items for your camper. However, if you would like to come to camp and search for the item yourself, we will be glad to direct you to the Lost and Found area.


Prepaid Snacks

If you did not prepay for snacks during registration, you may do so at anytime online through your Parent Dashboard. Choose the ENROLLMENT tab and the “Purchase Additional Options-2020” link.  If you prepay online be sure to make the deposit by 7:30 of the evening before in order to ensure that the deposit is available for the next day’s snack time.

You may also make deposits at camp before or during your camp week or on mornings during the camp week. If you would like to pay at camp, you will need to park and go to the main camp office.

There are no refunds on snack money if your child has money left over. All left over snack money is put into our camper scholarship fund.



Pre-paid T-Shirts will be sent home with the camper on Monday afternoons. If you have not yet prepaid for a T-Shirt and would like to purchase one, you’ll find a T-Shirt Order Form on the Parent Dashboard FORMS tab in your camper’s list of forms. The last day to order a T-Shirt will be March 14th.  Between March 15th and April 15th, you may purchase one to be mailed by going to our Online Store.  After that you will not be able to prepay or purchase a T-Shirt online,  However, our onsite Bambi’s Trading Post will be open Tuesdays thru Fridays each day beginning June 2nd. At the Trading Post you may purchase other merchandise as well – hats, backpacks, towels, water bottles, etc.

*Note* Not all sizes/styles may be available later on in the summer so its best to purchase shirts early in the summer season!


Camp Photos

You will receive a free CT Memories photo package. It contains two 4 x 6 photos (group and individual) mounted in a souvenir folder. Counselors will give these folders to the parents at pickup time on Friday.

  • If your child is not present on the day we take photos of your group (either Monday or Tuesday), we will not be able to take retakes of the group, but we will try to take one of your camper and his counselor, so the package you receive will be the individual photo and the group photo (without your camper).
  • We also take photos of the campers in their activities. We will send you an information email about activity photos the week before your camp week.  Be sure to keep that email for reference during and after your camp week.
  • Your child’s Counselor Bio Page is the one-stop shop to find out things about your child’s group including that week’s group schedule, the Bible verse, and information about your camper’s counselor.  The schedule and verse for your counselor will be available when the previous camp week ends.


Special Grouping Requests

The Camp Thurman staff wants to place your child in a group which will make his/her experience here as joyful as possible, so be assured that we will do our very best to fulfill your requests.

We group by grade.  Regardless of the actual school connection, all 4-year olds should be registered as Pre-K, and all 5-year olds should be registered as Kinder to be sure that we are able to place them in their appropriate camps and groups.

If you made a request on your registration form for your child to be in a group with someone, please understand that that person must:

  • be of the same sex
  • be no more than one grade apart
  • be registered and confirmed for the same week as your camper.

With over 7000 registrations, it is impossible for us to inform you if these requirements are not met. Please check with the groupmate(s) of your child to see if they are indeed in your same week.

Once the week is full, groups are formed with requests in mind. Once these groups are formed, it is very difficult for us to change a camper from one group to another. Please do not ask to change groups when you arrive on Monday morning of camp week.

Read your grouping reminder email VERY carefully to make sure you have listed the group mates you intended and that they are in order of preference.  If you want to make changes be sure you do so before the deadline listed in the email.


Counselor and Group Assignments

  • You will receive an Information Email the week before your camp starts, including the name and contact info for your camper.
  • On Wednesday/Thursday the counselor will call to see if you have any questions.
  • If for some reason your child’s counselor does not reach you, on Monday morning please bring your camper to the office, and one of the staff will be able to tell you who the counselor is and where to find them.


Rainy Weather Days

Our normal procedure for rainy days is to keep the camp open. We have four separate covered areas where we bring the campers for songs, games, and skits until the rain stops, and then we go back out into the camp for our regular activities.
If your child is uncomfortable with stormy weather, you are always welcome to pick them up early or bring them in late. Please come through the office to arrange early pick-up or late drop-off.