Uncle Bill’s Info

Uncle Bill’s Info

Drop-off/Pick-up Times

You’ll be entering the camp gates on Sarah Dr. On Monday, you may drop off your camper between 8:30 and 9:00am. Pick-up time is from 12:30-1:00pm.

As you enter the gates, you’ll turn left if you are dropping off a boy camper or right if you are dropping off a girl camper. If you have campers of both genders, turn right. Once you have made your turn, continue to move up as far as possible; the staff will find your car wherever you are in the lanes. Remember, it is not necessary for you to park each day – our staff will come to your car and walk your camper to/from their counselor!


What campers should wear

Put names on everything your camper brings or wears. We ask that campers wear their swimsuits all day. Boys can wear their swimsuits as shorts with a T-shirt, and girls can wear a two-piece or one-piece swimsuit under shorts and a T-shirt. Modest Tankini styles are preferred for girls, as it makes bathroom times much easier.  Shoes need to have closed toes, as there are many areas where they could stub their toe or get a stick in a sandal. Socks tend to get lost or hopelessly dirty, so closed-toed shoes which do not require socks are a better choice.


Prepaid Snacks and T-Shirts

If you have prepaid for snacks, you’ll see that amount listed on your information email you receive the week before camp or by viewing/downloading your statement on the Parent Dashboard. The snack shop will keep up with how much money each camper has left to spend during the camp week. You may purchase t-shirts at camp store, in person or online.

If you have not prepaid for snacks

The campers come to the snack shop each day as a group. It is one of their favorite activities. If you have not yet paid for snacks but wish to, you can still go online to your Parent Dashboard to prepay for snacks. We do not accept money from campers. Only adults may make deposits, and we do not accept cash at the snack shops, so please do not send money with your camper.


What to bring

  • Each camper will need a towel for swim time. Do not send your favorite towel or even one you care much about. Please put the camper’s name on the towel; if the camper is going to lose something, it most likely will be their towel. Bug spray and spray-on sunscreen are also recommended. For the protection of our staff and your camper, our staff are not able to help campers apply rub-on sunscreen.
  • Camp Thurman will provide each camper with a reusable water bottle to use throughout the week to stay hydrated. Additionally, our snack shop sells bottled water and gatorade. If you wish to send additional water or drink with your camper, you are welcome to do that.
  • Campers do not eat lunch at camp during this week, so you do not need to send a lunch.


What not to bring

  • Money
  • Cell Phones
  • Personal Toys or Electronic Games.



If your camper has a severe allergy, you will need to speak not only with your counselor but also with the First Aid Attendant. You may visit with her in the First Aid cabin on Monday morning, or call the camp office the week before. If your camper needs to take medication during the day, you will need to bring it to the First-Aid cabin. Be sure it is in the original bottle and has the camper’s name on it. Please do not put it in the camper’s backpack or give it to the counselor.

If your camper will be bringing medication, an inhaler or an epipen, or if they have diabetes, there are special medical forms you will need to print off from your Parents Dashboard.  All forms may be found at the bottom of the list of forms in the Medical Category.  The Inhaler and Epipen forms can be found and submitted through the FORMS tab of your Dashboard.  The Diabetes form must be downloaded, completed and signed by your physician and then uploaded back to your camper’s profile through the Parent Dashboard.  Since the Diabetes form is 2 pages, you must submit it as a PDF.  If you are unable to create a PDF, please email us both pages to info@campthurman.org, and we will add it to their file.


Photos are made of your camper with their group and individual photos with their counselor. We will send these home with your child on Friday. Photos are free and each child will receive photos.



You will receive two cards so that you’ll have an extra so that an additional person in your family or carpool can pick up your child. If you do not have a card to display, you will not be able to pick up your child until you come into the office and show your identification. So if you lose it or forget it, please park and come inside.

If someone other than you will be picking up your child, please be sure to put their names in the Authorized Pickup List on your Parent Dashboard. That way, if they arrive without a card, we will know you have approved them and not have to call you to verify. We know you will appreciate this extra step of security for your campers.


Rainy Days at Camp

Our normal procedure for rainy days is to keep the camp open. We have four separate covered areas where we bring the campers for songs, games, and skits until the rain stops, and then we go back out into the camp for our regular activities. If your child is uncomfortable with stormy weather, you are always welcome to pick them up early or bring them in late. Please be sure to sign-in or check-out your camper in the office if dropping off-late or picking-up early.


Lost & Found

We do have procedures which help keep campers and their belongings together, but kids are kids, and it is inevitable that things will get lost. Talk with your children about the importance of dressing completely after swimming, putting items back in backpacks, and checking to make sure they have not accidentally picked up items which do not belong to them. ALL items your child brings should be marked with the child’s name, especially swimming items. If a lost and found item has a child’s name on it, we return it to the counselor each day. If it does not have a name on it, it is placed in the Lost and Found bucket outside the camp office. Items are held for approximately two weeks before unclaimed items are given to Mission Arlington.