Legacy Stories: 50 Years

by | Oct 11, 2019

Camp Thurman is the sort of place that you never leave, and when you do, its a part of you forever. Take a look at the stories of five alumni tell their story and the legacy Camp Thurman has left in their lives.


James “J-Rock” Swearingin

What started as an invitation from a friend to work at a summer camp ended up being an experience that shaped his life. When J-Rock lost his dad in 2008, Camp Thurman served as a community of believers ready to serve alongside him and encourage him.


Lauren “Trisket” Cooley

From camper to CIT and counselor, to facilitator and mom, Trisket has a story that many impacted by Camp Thurman have had: a legacy for generations to come.


Robin “Popeye” Reed

Popeye and his daughters come on screen for our first inter-generational interview. Popeye recalls his time at Camp Thurman, the life-changing experience of leading a camper to trust in Christ, and the story he hopes his daughters can join in.


Becky “Bumper” Hughes

Since 1973, Bumper has served as a director of Camp Thurman, and now serves as a facilitator for our year-round programs. She offers a unique perspective of seeing the changes that have occurred, but most importantly the legacy that has continued.


Blair “Twiggy” Browning

Like many, Twiggy has grown through the years as Camp Thurman has. Watch as she tells you why your should become a part of gospel-mission of Camp Thurman.

Jason W. Hinrichs

Jason W. Hinrichs

Creative Media & Marketing

Jason has been serving at Camp Thurman since he was 15 years old and is passionate about utilizing excellence in creativity to the glory of God. His first passion is making disciples of Jesus in and for the local church, and hopes to see staff, campers, and family find deep discipleship in the their congregations. He is a coffee snob, passionate musician, and hates reading but spends a lot of time doing it anyways.

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