Spread the Word


How can you help spread the word about the best summer camp around? Here are some tips! Make sure to send them to campthurman.org/apply!

1. Word of Mouth

People at your school, at your church, in your friend’s brother-in-law’s cousin’s community group, ANYWHERE you cross paths with like-minded ministry people, you can spread the word about this upcoming summer!

2. Facebook Profile & Cover Photo

On Facebook, we have a profile frame available! Go to bit.ly/ctapply2019 to apply a #CTApplyFor2019 frame to your profile picture. You can also download this image below by clicking on it to use it as your Facebook cover photo.

3. Send Followers to Social Media

Use the hashtag #CTApplyFor2019 to get the word out. Tweet if you’d like, but focus on Facebook and Instagram! Send them to follow us on those platforms @campthurman.


4. Share it All on Social Media

Share pics from this summer, tell of some great experiences about how your life has been impacted by your time at CT, and direct them to campthurman.org/apply to be a part of the same community! If you’re not much of a picture taker or you would like to use this one, you are free to click on the picture below for your Instagram feed and Facebook timeline. You can also tell stories on your stories about times you’ve seen the Lord at work through the people here at camp on your Insta and Snap stories!

5. #CTMonthOfThanksgiving

Each week on Thursday until Thanksgiving in the month of November, we will be premiering short testimonials from staff members on why they are thankful for Camp Thurman and the special place it is for them! Be sure to share these shorts with others!