Staff Panorama
The counselors, assistant counselors, and CITs (counselors-in-training) are the heart of Camp Thurman. 
When we add to the staff, we are very careful in our choices. 

How We Build Our Staff

Teenagers who have finished 8th grade, may attend CIT-IT Training Camp and begin the journey which will lead them into becoming a full-time counselor.  For information on this camp, click here.  If you will have finished 9th grade by summer 2015, then you are eligible to apply for one of our staff positions.

Structure for our staff positions



CIT-Level 1             15 yr olds, finished 9th
CIT-Level 1L           15 yr olds, finished 9th, and attended Leadership Training (CIT-IT) Camp

Assistants to Counselors:

Assistant-Level 1,2   Finished 10th
Assistant-Level 2,3   Finished 11th 

Counselors (finished at least 12th grade):

Counselor-Level 1  For 18 yr
Counselor-Level 2  For 19 yr olds
Counselor-Level 3  For 20 yr olds
Counselor-Level 4  For 21+ yr olds 
We also hire team members who are at least 18 years old and are certified to supervise specific activities.

Activity Supervisors/Counselors:

Ranges – work with the archery and air rifle ranges
Ropes – work with the low elements and high elements of our ropes, climbing walls, and challenge courses
Lifeguards – must also be current in CPR certification
First-Aid Supervisor – must have advanced first aid training