Swim Evaluations

at Camp Thurman

The Swim Evaluation


  • Jump in the Pool
  • Come up and tread water (swim in place) for 10 seconds
  • After those 10 seconds, swim to the lifeguard about 30 feet away


What the Lifeguard is Evaluating

  • Does the camper keep his/her nose and mouth out of the water while treading?
  • Does the camper swim with reasonable ease to the 30 foot mark?
  • Does the camper swim without grabbing onto the side of the pool, flipping onto his/her back, or grabbing the lifeguard administering the evaluation?
  • Does the camper maintain his/her composure during the course of the evaluation?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear goggles during the evaluation?

Yes! However, if your goggles come off when you jump in, or at any other time during the test, you are not allowed to grab the side to fix them. Goggles should be used as an extra comfort, not as a necessity since we cannot ensure that every camper who needs goggles has them every swim period.

Can I wear shoes while I swim?

Yes! We ask that you take your swim test in the shoes you will be wearing while you swim, so we know you are able to swim in them!

Can I swim under water?

Yes! You can swim the 30 feet in whatever style you like, except for a backstroke.

Will someone be there to help me if I need help?

Yes! We have at least one (and usually two or three) certified Lifeguard(s) watching you during the entire evaluation to ensure you are as safe as possible. If at any time you seem to be struggling a Lifeguard will be there to help you out of the pool.

Am I allowed to make up a missed evaluation on Tuesday?

Yes! If you are not at camp Monday morning, or if you decide not to take the evaluation, you are able to make it up on Tuesday morning/afternoon.

If I do not pass the swim evaluation, what happens?

If the Lifeguard team decides that you would be safest in a lifejacket, you will be fit accordingly. You are still allowed to do EVERYTHING everyone else gets to do in the pools; you will just get to wear one of our cool lifejackets while you do it!

Can I bring my own lifejacket?

Yes, but if at any time a lifejacket from home stops working properly we will switch it out for a camp jacket to ensure the child’s safety!

Do I have to take the swim evaluation?

Nope! If you choose not to take our swim evaluation, you will be fit to wear a life-jacket for the rest of the week, or until you decide to be evaluated!